When you enter the nursery at the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary in the Congo you immediately become a playmate for young bonobos, who wreck havoc with visitors. They’re strong, fast and skilled pickpockets too. What happened to those glasses I had in my pocket when I arrived? It’s hard to believe that these little rascals arrived at Lola as traumatized orphans who lost their mothers due to the insidious effects of the bushmeat and pet trade.

Loving care from a team of surrogate human mothers gives them a new lease on life. Lola is the only place in the Congo—and the world— that is dedicated 100% to bonobos and their care. Check them out @LolayaBonobo and give them your support. And follow us @FransLanting@ChristineEckstrom and @Ashley_Judd on Instagram we dive deeper into the world of bonobos and the people who care about them. Video by  Chris Eckstrom.