This exhibition is an expression of Lanting’s ongoing dialogue with nature. It reveals how that discourse has been influenced by art and literature as well as by science, technology, and his own experiences with wildlife and wild places on all seven continents.

Dialogues with Nature shows the range of Lanting’s work over the course of his career. It showcases images from five signature projects produced over a period of forty years. “The Magic of Reality” features his early photographs made in the Netherlands, which were influenced by eastern philosophy and in particular, the work of Japanese haiku poets.

Lanting’s pioneering work in Madagascar is shown in “A World Out of Time,” through images that opened the eyes of the world to both the remarkable biodiversity and the environmental conflicts on this remote island continent.

“Intimate Encounters” reveals the unique personal aesthetic Lanting brings to wildlife photography as well as the startling perspective on animals his images provoke.

“A Journey Through Time” features Lanting’s epic project to present a lyrical interpretation of the history of life on earth from the Big Bang to the present, expressed through images of the natural world that provide a window on its evolution through time.

“The Future of Life” contains images from Lanting’s explorations of global biodiversity along with recent work that considers our relationship with a planet that has been profoundly impacted by human activity.

Lanting’s Dialogues with Nature was produced by the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, as an indoor exhibition that featured more than 125 large prints of Lanting’s images along with a dozen videos of Lanting discussing his photography and showing him in the field. Separate outdoor installations of Dialogues were displayed in prominent locations around the city of Rotterdam.