Join National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting and his expert team for one of his immersive workshops where he shares his skills and vision to help participants unleash their creativity. Learn to express your personal vision in the field and during classroom sessions with image reviews enabled by Zoom. Covid safety measures are applied during field sessions.

Red Rock and Fall Color

Boulder, UT
October 20 – 24, 2023

Join Frans Lanting and Justin Black for a great opportunity to develop your creative vision and refine your technical skills in the majestic Grand Staircase descending toward the Grand Canyon and the canyons of the Escalante—a landscape photographer’s dream come true. Boulder Mountain rises to the west of Capital Reef National Park in the picturesque Aquarius Plateau of south central Utah. It is the highest timbered plateau in North America, with over 50,000 acres of rolling forests of aspen, pine, spruce, and fir, as well as expansive meadows. The area features the dramatic red rock canyons and sculpted formations for which southern Utah is famous, but it is a little known and refreshing alternative to more heavily trafficked southwestern locations. The quality of light and atmosphere here are superb.

Enrollment limited to 10 photographers

Requirements: A digital camera with interchangeable lenses. A laptop with Adobe Lightroom will be useful to review images in between field trips.

Workshop fee: From $4,570 — Please inquire

Fee includes: Field trips; and image reviews plus lodging for four nights and all meals from dinner on October 20 through lunch on October 24.


Monterey, CA
November 8, 2022 – POSTPONED to 2023

Join master photographer Frans Lanting for a special one day photo workshop following the OPTIC West event in Monterey, CA. Frans will take a small group of photographers to some of his favorite locations between Monterey and Big Sur. The workshop begins before sunrise and concludes after sunset. The program includes an introductory session via Zoom on October 25 and an image review via Zoom on November 17 to critique results.

Enrollment limited

Requirements: A digital camera with interchangeable lenses. A laptop with Adobe Lightroom will be useful to review images in between field trips.

Workshop fee: $995

Fee includes: Intro session; group lunch on November 8; early morning and afternoon outdoor field trips; and image reviews.

Schedule: Starts: Pre-sunrise on Tuesday morning. Ends: Sunset on Tuesday evening.

Between the Tides

Santa Cruz, CA
June 15–16, 2022

During this workshop, we will focus our cameras on the wonders of the intertidal zone. Monterey Bay features some of the most diverse tide pools along the California coast. They are amazing places full of life and photographic opportunities, but they are challenging to photograph unless you bring the right gear and know how to apply it.

Our workshop dates coincide with super-low tides at sunrise, when otherwise hard-to-reach habitats will be accessible. We will apply a range of tools, techniques and creative ideas to help you capture them in innovative ways. Past tide pool workshops have produced amazing results for our participants.

“It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again.”
—John Steinbeck

Enrollment limited

Requirements: A digital camera with interchangeable lenses and a laptop with Adobe Lightroom for classroom sessions.

Workshop fee: $1850

Fee includes: Field trips and instruction, Virtual orientation session before the workshop, Daily classroom sessions during the workshop, Image reviews, Breakfast, and Lunch each day.

Schedule: Starts: Wednesday Morning. Ends: Thursday at 4:00 pm.

Personal Vision: Developing your Photographic Projects

March 12–13, 2022

This virtual weekend workshop is open to participants from anywhere around the world. It is focused on advanced image editing and developing in Adobe Lightroom and is aimed at helping photographers refine a body of existing work through one-on-one sessions and group image reviews. The emphasis will be on portfolio reviews and project development. All classroom sessions will take place via Zoom. Please note that workshop sessions will be scheduled between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

Limited enrollment.

Requirements: A body of work organized in Adobe Lightroom and a good internet connection.

Workshop fee: $975

Fee includes: Indoor Zoom-based classroom sessions, presentations, and image reviews.

Schedule: Starts: Saturday at 9:00 am. Ends: Sunday at 5:00 pm.