Participant images from “Personal Visions,” March 2024

2024 Personal Visions Group Photo
Claire is working on a personal project about forgotten trees in an urban setting. Her images are
lovely, but they become more poignant when you have a chance to hear her stories.
Charles aka "Chuck" asked for our advice about an amphibian exhibit that he’s been working on to highlight
sensitive habitats. The exhibit is dense with information and we suggested ways to emphasize
the aesthetic component and the hero status of the soft skinned creatures he cares about.
Chris O’Halloran joined us for a voyage to Svalbard in the high Arctic. She is planning to do a
small booklet that celebrates her journey. We gave her ideas about how to structure this book.
Chris Pope came up with an interesting concept "camera candida” to add context to some of his favorite
images which reveal something beyond what the naked eye may see in the moment. We helped him
refine his concept and edit images that resonate with his ideas.
David has traveled around the world for many years and asked for our guidance about
how he could add context to a collection of his favorite images. We came up with the
idea of pairing images from like situations and here are two.
Ginger has been working on a portfolio of images with gorgeous selective focus that highlight the bokeh effect
created by specialty lenses. We helped her edit a selection that deserves to be seen as a gallery show.
Linda has documented the natural history of her family's properties in Louisiana and created an amazing body
of work that was in search of a unifying idea. We came up with the working title of "Our Place,” and she extended
that into a personal narrative that ties together moods, habitats, and flowers. We look forward to seeing the book
that she will be putting together.
We helped Peter identify a small selection of images that deserve to be printed and featured in his home as
a showcase for his photographic talent. Look twice at the image that shows a group of people standing next
to a shoreline and see if you can make sense of the perspective.
Ravi has been on a birding quest. He wants to put a book together and we gave him guidance on how he can
add pictures from his journey to a colossal collection of bird pictures.
Sanjeev is a world traveler. We helped him by creating a structure for the book that he wants to put together
for which we came up with the working title, "Journeys.”
Van loves to capture beauty with his phone's camera. We helped by showing Van new techniques and
accessories that will give him more versatility going forward. We also helped him edit some of his best
pictures that feature beauty in everyday settings.

I am delighted to share results from our recent Personal Visions workshop which was conducted virtually and enabled by Zoom. During the course of one weekend, we were able to give everyone’s portfolios a big boost towards public applications ranging from custom books to gallery shows. I am proud of each of you and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the near future.

And for those of you who could not join us this last weekend, consider joining us for a future session of Personal Visions. You’ll be amazed by what we can do for you.

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